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‘Sweaters, boots, bonfires, fall, leaves, scarves, hot chocolate, cuddling, jeans, pumpkins, tea, hoodies, crisp air and late nights’ , these are some of my favourite things about fall. As the weather gets colder your wardrobe changes, with your knitwear and sweatshirts become a priority.

What I love the most every fall is my boyfriend’s clothes. He gets very annoyed whenever I sneak into his closet to borrow one of his jumpers or sweatshirts. I was always into the men’s wear clothes and I used to buy from the men’s section in the shops. The thing that excited me was the men’s clothes don’t have the female shape and that sometimes has an amazing effect on a woman’s body. It is somehow a casual look but it can be very sexy.

The chunky knitwear and the oversized clothes give a different kind of feel in the fall. A very famous trend that comes back every time this season is the chunky knitted jumper. The cosiness and the warmth of an oversized jumper is the best. It can be perfect for work if you pair it with leggings and flat shoes or you can wear it out for dinner with thick tights and a pair of high knee boots.

I tend to wear this kind of style when I want to go to a fashion event because it is very comfortable and very stylish at the same time. This was one of my choices for London Fashion Week last month. I am wearing my friend’s knitted jumper with a pair of tights and heeled boots. My red lipstick and the pink vintage bag gave to the outfit some colour. I got my hair on a low ponytail because I wanted to show the polo neckline of the jumper.

You don’t have to try hard to get this style. You just have to look into one of your guy friends or boyfriend closet, get a thick pair of tights and heeled boots and you will be ready for a stylish night out.

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  3. H&M – Fine Knit Jumper £24.99
  4. Knitted Jumper £19.99

Maria Costa