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From island to urban, welcome to my world.

From island to urban, welcome to my world.

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Call me spoiled but the end of summer creates a completely different feeling of sorrow each year. It is the time of the year where you have supposedly recollected your energy and are mentally prepared for the harsh British winter ahead. Well....as the Nelly Furtado song stresses all good things come to an end. But let me add a little some thing to that in order to cheer you up the best is yet to come! Back to our subject...do you ever get that feeling when you return to the city from an island destination that you are completely out of place? And that you only have a couple of hours to readjust to the city/urban style? Well I get it every year, the funny thing is that I know what to expect each year but I am still not prepared for the transition. If you can relate to my type of situation I will give you a few very friendly tips. To begin with drop the sandals unfortunately you will not come in contact with the sand except if you walk your dog to the park and take your kids to the playground. Moving on, the hat, yeah that gorgeous Panama hat you bought from Mexico or Cuba, I know it's gorgeous but it's time to drop that to and unfortunately slowly slowly replace it with winter hats either Swede or cashmere. Last but not least,I absolutely love mirrored shades but the time we all dreaded came, you need to drop them us well, at least until April....replace them with a John Lennon style pair of shades in a gold and green tone for a timeless and classy look.

That's all for now....

Much Love,
Danae V