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Escape from London

Escape from London

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Life in the fab lane isn’t easy. All this styling, blogging, MUAstry and pondering life’s big problems such as which film is better, Devil wears Prada or Zoolander makes your girl yearn for a break and the Indian summer we are having is intensifying the feeling. Usually around this time of the year, my SAD symptoms start to kick in, seeing so much sun just makes me think sunbathing, water sports, chilling and escaping. What’s a girl to do? And then just like that…Eureka, it came to me, this good weather is the perfect excuse to plan a trip to the south…unfortunately not the Algarve but…ta dah… Dorset! or as some call it the Dinosaur coast…. I’ll put those images to one side of Raquel Welch in ‘One Million Years BC’, despite Kim Kardi’s attempt to resurrect the famous fur bikini look, I by no means am tempted! Instead it’s time to bring to life my visionary creations and trying out those outfits and donning those silhouettes which I never got around to during the wretched summer…even the thought of this gets my fashion brain a buzzing! All that’s left is to convince the ball and chain that he could do with a timeout from his clients and come onboard the glam-mobile.


Once everything was in place, the next thing was to organise the road trip, now it may only be a short break but a fashionista must maintain standards, which means packing luggage like I’m away for the month. So coming on the journey (amongst others) is the havaianas, (a colour for each look) Fendi bag, Mark Jacobs sunglasses, makeup case and enough outfits for my own catwalk.

We hit the road early, Frank Ocean and the Weeknd on rotation in the whip. First stop is delightful Christchurch in Dorset and our spot for the next 2 days is the Captain’s club hotel, which is exquisite. Chilling in a somewhat tranquil yet chic atmosphere, eating from a bespoke menu and seated right by the river watching the small mirror boats sail by…


The next few days are spent going on lovely walks to Hengitsbury Head, (a perfect opportunity to wear my baby blue Timberlands)…chilling in the gardens in Bournemouth town centre as you gaze up at the magnificent air balloon and driving to the Millionaire’s row that is Sandbanks in Poole…so clearly one fits in here quite nicely thank you ;-) There was also the inevitable window for a tad of shopping with the opportunity to observe any trickle-up-trends… Overall it was a glam slam of a break but as always my fashion head is with me, there is no escape…phew thank goodness for that…a fashionista girl’s got to do what she’s got to do!!


Victoria Tozzi ♥

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