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Reminiscing Summer

Reminiscing Summer

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The heaters in my house have already been set to automatically turn on at night so that we don’t get ice cubes for toes at 4 in the morning. As they automatically shut down between 12 and 1pm my sleep is disrupted by the intense heat from the sunshine, goose feather quilt and obviously the heaters. I don’t have a day job just yet but I do model freelance and after a long day of being in hair and makeup I do enjoy sleeping in. The fluctuating temperature really gets on my last nerve as we’re not in summer neither winter therefore its “swinter”.

While I experience first world weather problems I do have a lot of #ThrowbackThursday thoughts as I’ve had one of the best summers. This summer I travelled to Amsterdam and Gran Canaria, making “Kodak” moment memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

My trip to Amsterdam was for 3 days and it was so last minute. I was anxious as I kept overthinking about how the trip would turn out and if there was enough time to actually discover Amsterdam. All of that nervous energy just disappeared when I landed at Schipol Airport and found the customer information desk.

There are different passes/cards you can get for transport around the city but in all that, there was this magical pass/card that just made everything perfect for the 72 hour trip. I Amsterdam City Card was what I got and through that, I scored free passes to museums, free transport around the city, a free river cruise and discounts at specific restaurants.

The Van Gogh Museum, Museum of Bags and Purses and the Bacteria museum were 3 of the 8 museums I visited. Van Gogh’s sunflower painting, a vintage Bonttega Veneta that once belonged to Liz Taylor and the amount of bacteria that is shared when two people kiss are some of my imprinted visual memories. When I got back there was Wireless Music Festival in Finsbury Park and saw my favourite rapper; Drake performing an intense set that took me to another level.


In August I went to Gran Canaria for a family holiday. The beauty of Gran Canaria lies within the deep blue waters, palm trees and sand dunes. Loved the 40˚c temperature and I managed to get an even one tone tan for the 8 days I was there. Most of the tan came from being on the Jet Ski for 2 hours, parasailing and the vicious banana boat; it really hurts when you have water gushing at your face as I so brilliantly sat in front of it.

 Towards the end of the trip we went on a large Catamaran that could accommodate about 50 people, roughly one and half storeys high. I describe this boat to detail, because I managed to tick one thing off my bucket list; jumping off a boat. No, it didn’t cross my mind at the time, when I was swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that it is surrounded by SHARKS.  

The Atlantic Ocean however isn’t pleasant as it is ice cold and swimming in it was not the highlight of my trip. Lots of Sangria and mojitos were consumed in between only to ensure I was warm on the inside. We devoured in Paella whilst watching Spanish bands sing and dance under the moonlight. All in all, it was great activity filled holiday with my family.


Anushka Baker