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The colours before breakfast during Summer.

The colours before breakfast during Summer.

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I woke up this morning with the wind tingling my hair and drops of the ocean washing down my sun burnt face. As I opened my eyes I felt as if they were weak and sensitive, it was in fact the strong Mediterranean sun that invited my dark brown eyes to take action and observe the unlimited beauty the summer has to offer. At the same time my lips had a bitter taste that would not even wash away with water due to the refreshing white wine consumed by the ocean the night before. And so it begins I stand on my two feet raise my hands up high and immediately a smile is drawn across my face. I take one step away from my white coated bed and reach to the window, I feel my eyes turning blue and my hair turn dry as the salty breeze continues to blow on my face. I take one more step and reach my cupboard.....I lower my head and tie my hair up, it is in fact my favourite time of the day, the time of the day where I allow my personality to shine through my stylistic choices. The sun, the sea, the breeze and the endless blue ocean blended with the white sheets of my bed immediately inspire me. I choose a white bikini with colourful beads depicting the colours of nature and throw a sugar coloured caftan. What's missing? Yes you are right shoes and accessories. When I am on holidays the only accessory I use is my hat and as far as the shoes are concerned I will pass as as soon as I exit my room I will be refreshing my toes in the warm sand and rejuvenating salty water.

Much Love,
Danae V