DV Closet is a mobile phone application assisting women with styling and personal shopping, while offering news and opinions about fashion.

Our aim is to provide a personal digital experience which will engage in a fun and easy way all fashion lovers. Users will enjoy what used to be “expensive high end fashion services” at the comfort of their mobile phone. Our application is breaking the "barriers-to-entry" and increases the reach for all fashion professionals, designers, media, stylists, shoppers, bloggers, retailers, photographers, etc.

The project came to life as a result of the love and dedication to the individual and the ever-trending fashion industry, as well as, our mutual passion for the digital and virtual world.


Passionate about fashion styling and the digital age? DV Closet is a new mobile app. We are in search of UK based fashionistas that have an eye for fashion and are experienced in styling, blogging and personal shopping. The position is compensated on a commission basis and will allow you to work as a freelancer.

If you are interested and believe you would fit in our team please email us your CV, cover letter and examples of your work at

Due to the high volume of applications received we might not be able to answer to everyone individually, and/or give feedback.